Butler County CD supports 5 Watershed Districts

Watershed Districts in Butler County


Little Walnut Hickory Watershed Joint District #18

Board Members:  Wayne Chambers, Tom Dixon, Mike Rierson, Curtis Willhite, Jim Overstake

Contracting Officer:  Sam Minnick - 316-258-7266

Muddy Creek Watershed Joint District # 27

Board Members:  David Piha, J.B. Hilyard, Rick Stewart, George Bannon

Contracting Officer:  Jason Piha - 316-644-5758

Rock Creek Watershed Joint District #28

Board Members:  Daniel Deepe, Kirk Kennedy, Pat Doyle, Robert Gimple, Roger Rierson

Contracting Officer:  Twila Flagler - 620-965-2991

Upper Walnut Watershed Joint District #33

Board Members:  Arlan Stackley, David Greene, Eldon Teter, Terry Radebaugh, Mason Greene, Carrol Walters, David Fullinwider, Greg Wiley, Jim Nuttle

Contracting Officer:  Sam Minnick - 316-258-7266

Whitewater River Watershed Joint District #22

Board Members:  Rodney Borne, Harry Clayton, Kendall Claassen, Stanley Entz, Dan Fagan, Mike Miller, Darell Sommers, Gary Wedel

Contracting Officer:  Owen Maddux - 316-321-6619

For a complete listing of all watershed districts in Kansas (and more), go to:

The Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Conservation has more information on the Watershed District Act, A Watershed District Overview and a Statewide Watershed District Directory.  Click on the "Find Out More" Button below. 

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